Tuesday, December 20, 2011

8 Months...

My boys are 8 months old!!!! 2/3 of their first year is done! WOW! I need to start planning their First Birthday Party!!!! :)

This was a big month in the Olive house!

They had their first Thanksgiving! We went to their Meme and Papa's first, then to Aunt Kitty's.

It was nice having a week off with the boys! They were teething the entire week, so they were not the typical happy boys I normally have!

Hunter finally got both his bottom teeth on December 11! I cried when I realized they were there! I am such a sappy mom ;)

Drake got one bottom tooth on the same day!

This is the first thing Hunter has "beat" Drake at!! He is typically a couple days after Drake with milestones!

Drake got his second bottom tooth a week later!

So, both boys have two bottom teeth now :)

They are getting on all fours and rocking!

They also get on their hands and feet! This is how I crawled, so I am interested to see if either of the boys crawl like I did!

They had Gerber Puffs for the first time! They like them, but struggle getting them to their mouth.

They had sippy cups for the first time. Hunter is able to get it to his mouth and suck on it. Drake will have NOTHING to do with it. He will not hold it, if I put it near his mouth he spits.

Hunter still refuses to bounce in the jumperoo! He will stand and play, but not bounce.

Drake is a bouncing baby!

Hunter is able to go from sitting up to laying down. Drake does not do this as well.

Hunter sits straight up.

Drake sits leaning more forward.

They went to the Deer Lease which was a 5 hour drive!

Lots of drool since they are teething!

They had squash and sweet potatoes! They loved both!

They are in size 3 pampers!

They wear size 6 months clothing!

Drake is going to be our baby that gets into everything! I sat them by a Christmas tree to get some pictures, and he grabbed the tree and the ornaments the entire time! Hunter was not phased by them at all. Hunter wants to get the AT&T cable boxes on the entertainment center!

They get on their bellies in their cribs in the mornings and look over the bumpers at each other!

Their hair still stands straight up, but seems to be getting some color and not as white as it originally was!

They attended Krystil and Jake's wedding reception on December 17th! They still had stranger danger, but did go to a couple people. They were up a little passed their bedtime, and this did not help with them being sick.

Hunter had bad Stranger Danger first, then it wore off. He will let people speak to him, but would rather you not hold him. Drake hit the Stranger Danger phase a couple weeks later. He does not want you to even look at him. He will turn completely red and cry crocodile tears in a matter of 20 seconds!!

They went to their second cousin Rex's first birthday with Aunt Lacey and Meme while I got ready to be a Bridesmaid in Krystil's wedding! They had stranger danger! No one could hold them, but I am glad they were there!

They got a cold that has lasted nearly 2 weeks! Lots of runny noses! Little Noses and a suction bulb have been my best friend! They freak when you suction their nose.

Hunter's sick face is pitiful...

Hunter had a smile for me at the doctor !

I took them to the doctor just to be sure they were not developing anything, and they are perfect! Just a cold with teething!

Drake was 19 lbs 3 oz a week before he turns 8 months!

Hunter was 17 lbs 15 oz a week before he turns 8 months!

They are staying right around a pound different in weight! It feels like SO much more when you hold Drake! He must be built like his Daddy!

The jealousy factor has started! If I pick up one of the boys and walk away, the other baby gets upset. If I leave one in the swing, and pick up the other, he gets upset. So, this will be a work in progress!

They are really playing with their toys since they are sitting up! They love to play with the sit-n-stand activity walker! They are getting a second one for Christmas and I know they will love it :)

I am off for 2 weeks for Christmas break and I am loving having time at home with my boys!!

All I can think is where has the time gone?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?

It seriously feels like yesterday I was praying for these babies to stay in my belly!

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