Monday, December 26, 2011

1st Christmas with the Twins ♥

It was a very special Christmas in the Olive house because we got spend it with our baby boys! I did most of my shopping online and started in early November. I went to and searched all the toys for ages 6 months to one year. The boys were 8 months on Christmas Eve. I added anything and everything to my cart that I liked. On Black Friday I went shopping with my sister and price checked everything with amazon from my phone! I got a couple of their toys that night at WalMart! Since Amazon does free super saver shipping, I did not pay shipping on any of the items. I only bought 2 of the same toy when it was small individual toys. Cell phones, cameras, taggies, books, etc! The rest of the toys I bought one of, and they will share! I found a lot of neat toys online that I had never seen in the stores!

We had 4 Christmas Celebrations!

The first one was with Brandon's Aunt Rhonda, his Dad's sister. Her family and Brandon's family all got together at his parent's house! There were 3 more babies this year at Christmas! His cousin had a son, Rex, December 26, 2010. She went into labor on Christmas. Our boys made their debut on Easter. We must have something with Holidays ;)

This picture was a year ago at the Christmas celebration!

This was us with our boys at this year's Christmas celebration :)

Rex, Drake, and Hunter
Rex was fascinated with putting his fingers in their mouth! :)

Drake, Rex, and Hunter

Our boys December 22, 2011

The next celebration was with Brandon's parents and sister on December 23rd! This was their first time really opening presents. Hunter was not really interested in it. Drake was more likely to grab at the paper. Once the toy was out, Hunter was more interested. Hunter likes electronics! Buttons, phones, etc.

All their gifts from Meme, Papa, Aunt Lacey, and Uncle Casey!

Adorable shirts from Meme and Papa

They loved their table from Aunt Lacey and Uncle Casey!

The next day was Christmas Eve. We spend the afternoon with Brandon's parents, grandparents, and his Mom's brother's family. This is also family picture day every year, so we all dress up :)

While we were getting ready, our sweet Hunter passed out in the Jumperoo! He just learned how to jump this week and he LOVES it! I had to order a 2nd one since both boys now love to bounce! This baby was tired from all the Christmas celebrations :)

 The whole family :)

 Four Generations!

After we celebrate with Brandon's family, we head to my sister's house to celebrate with my family! This is the first Christmas, and hopefully LAST, that we spent without my daddy. He is currently working in California. I sent him a package with cookies that I baked, and some presents! It was definitely strange, but we made the best of it. We chat on webcam, but it just is not the same. He opened his gift while on webcam with me!! He will be home the first week of January to spend 3 days with us, and we CANNOT wait !!!!!

This picture melts my heart! I made Brett play Pretty Pretty Princess when I was young! That is just part of having a big sister! Well, Aiden has older cousins, and he wanted to play dress up with them! Brings back so many memories of my baby brother and I!

We headed home to get our boys in bed and ready for Santa to bring gifts. We put them in the Christmas pajamas after their bath, and started the Christmas Eve traditions.

We left out homemade cookies and milk for Santa Claus!

We put water out for the Reindeer!

We took a couple pictures in front of the tree, and then the tired boys went to bed :)

We think Santa came around midnight because their was some loud hammering. We think he may have had to put the wheels on the wagon once it arrived!

Our boys slept until 10 AM !!!!!! They NEVER sleep that late! I woke up to Brandon bringing them into our bed! I don't wake up until I hear babies, and they had not made a peep! Brandon went to check on them and Drake was awake playing in his bed, and Hunter was sleeping. When Drake saw daddy he started talking, and woke up Hunter Paul. So, Brandon brought them to our bed. We talked for a few minutes with our babies, then headed to see what Santa had brought in their stockings!

Santa even spelled our last name with the puzzle pieces!

Hunter Paul

Drake Brandon

This lion has an inflated ball hanging underneath it, and they LOVED it! :)

Daddy and the boys playing Christmas morning!

Our boys had such an amazing first Christmas! They received so many toys from all of our family and Santa! Thank you everyone for making it so special!

It was neat to begin our family traditions and spend Christmas with our boys ♥

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