Monday, June 9, 2014

Luke 15 months

Drake and Hunter had a blog every month the first two years of their lives. I am struggling to write as often with 3 kids 3 and under! Luke is incredibly active and into everything at all times! So, I am trying to get better, but it is pretty busy around here!

Luke started saying more words at 14 months old. His vocabulary includes...

Daddy (Favorite Word!)
CiCi for Aunt Lacey
Momma (said least often)
Buzz (buzz lightyear)
Cheese (when taking pictures)
No and shakes head
Ya and shakes head

He gives high five, plays peek a boo, pat a cake, knows his nose and mouth, Bellybutton, waves, gives kisses, gives hugs, and pats your back while he hugs. 

He is very happy and rarely cries. He more screams when he is mad about something.

He can crawl up the boys bunk beds, but hasn't managed to get on the top bunk yet.

He loves to watch tv! Movies, cartoons, anything! His attention span is unreal! He will watch nearly an entire Disney movie!

This child can eat. And eat. And eat some more! He loves to eat! We haven't found any food he dislikes.

He adores his brothers. The love between them is undeniable. He wrestles, screams at them, laughs with or at them, and loves to play with them. They are great playing with him!

If anyone lays down on their belly you can bet Luke is going to come sit on your back and try to ride!

He loves to play hide and seek under blankets! We say "Where's Luke?" 

He loves Sheriff Callie and Frozen. 

Luke is into EVERYTHING!!! Nothing like Drake and Hunter at this age! He takes the trash out of the trash can, throws any and all laundry in his site, grabs trash as you sweep, takes DVDs out of entertainment center, grabs things off tables and throws it. He is going non-stop! Picks up toys and throws them over his shoulder! A one man tornado!

He loves his bath and easily goes to sleep! He still takes an afternoon nap that is typically 2-3 hours. He sleeps 12-13 hours a night with bedtime at 7. I still turn on the white noise machine to keep the twins from waking him. 

He has turned into my blanky baby! He loves his blanket I had made with his custom Dr. Seuss crib bedding. The first thing he does in the mornings is throw it out of his crib. This makes him able to carry it around the house!

Luke has a raspy voice. He is finally jabbering and really has a ton to say! I could listen to him jabber all day long! His smile is contagious! He is very ticklish and giggles often. He has quite a Buddha belly! 

He wears 12 and 18 months clothes!

We just moved up to size 5 pampers!

He is wearing size 5 shoes, and truly may need a 6. He has big feet!

We stopped Breastfeeding completely at 13 months. I went to nurse him and he turned his head. We were able to do it gradually so I had absolutely no issues drying up after a year of nursing!! We made my goal of a year and I am so glad we didn't have a hard time weaning! He transitioned to milk perfectly!

Luke does not like to be held often. He is constantly on the go!! He climbs on the coffee table, the train table, etc. He is active that is for sure! He is finally in the stage that he walks up and puts his arms up to be held! He has never done that in the past! I love love love it! 

When he pouts it is his entire face! It is heartbreaking when he does it.

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