Tuesday, June 24, 2014

An amazing 3 year and 15 month appointment...

When I initially called to schedule this appointment I was told there were no shots associated with the 3 year appointment, but Luke would get some at this appointment. I said I wanted an appointment for all 3 boys. They told me this was not protocol due to the amount of paperwork it would require and the chance you cancel it leaves 3 open appointment times. They wanted me to schedule the twins separately. For example they told me to come in the morning for their appointment, then the afternoon for Luke. I asked to speak with my nurse or the Pediatrician. I was really upset by this. I felt like I was being discriminated against for having 3 kids!! If I can handle bringing all 3 boys, you should be able to see them. They said they understood and would see all 3 boys. I was so happy they were willing to see us because I was upset enough to change pediatrician's.

Fast forward to the actual day of the appointment... It is storming. Like completely pouring outside and thunder like you've never heard. The boys are sound asleep and I'm going to have to wake them. So, I call the pediatrician's office and tell them I don't think I can safely unload all 3 boys in this storm. They tell me they lost power a few minutes prior and completely understood. They wanted me to call them when I arrived and they would come down stairs to help unload my boys. Seriously?! How amazing is that??? 

I wake all 3 boys and get them dressed. I run and load Luke while the boys wait in the garage. Then I load the twins. When we arrive the rain STOPPED completely. I was able to unload them all and bring them in. When we get back to the room they bring in 2 nurses to help get all the weight, height, and Luke's head circumference. They were so kind to my boys and talked about Spider-Man when they seemed nervous. 

The twins are always nervous at the doctors office. She says it is a twin thing. They see what happens to the other which makes them more dramatic. This was the first appointment that they stayed talkative! Drake warmed up immediately which isn't typical for him. He kept reassuring Hunter that they were just getting a check up and everything was fine. When Dr. Amy came in Hunter got very visibly nervous. He had tears in his eyes. Drake took his hand and told him he was right there and wasn't going anywhere. Drake said he would get his exam first. They were side by side and held hands during their exams. The entire time Drake saying kind and encouraging words to Hunter. He told him he was okay, he was not going anywhere, he was doing a good job, and how proud he was of him. I had tears in my eyes and couldn't even focus on what the Dr. was saying while I watched this precious moment. 

Over the past year Hunter has randomly complained that his back hurts. I brought it up to Dr. Amy and she decided to put a referral in for a bone doctor at Texas Children's Hospital to be sure it is nothing major. I had a voicemail from the hospital to schedule an appointment when I got in the car. It was that fast! 

Luke had his check up next and the twins told him he would be fine! He did great, but we decided to do his shots at 18 months. He seems to have caught the stomach virus going around and has a runny nose. You either get shots at 15 months or 18 months, so we will just delay them. Developmentally he needed 5 words which he does. His vocabulary has exploded in the past month. 

When the two nurses came in to give Drake and Hunter each one shot the boys were not happy. They got their shots at exactly the same time and the nurses were amazing! They took the boys to get Spider-man stickers and walked them through the middle of the office. My boys experience was amazing!! They cried for not even 10 seconds and were ready for the stickers. 

It was now pouring outside when it was time to leave. One of the women in the office grabbed her umbrella and said she would walk down and stand with the boys while I brought the car around. 

I have always loved my pediatrician. I get in anytime I need to, I have spoken to the nurse at least one hundred times over the past three years. Today made me love them even more! I feel so truly blessed that we have such amazing people to take care of our boys health!

Luke at 15 months...

23 lbs 12 oz       63rd percentile 
31 inches           37th percentile
18.75 in head circumference 71st percentile 

Drake at 3 years old...

30 lbs 14 oz.   35th percentile 
36.5 inches    18th percentile

Hunter at 3 years old...

29 lbs            16th percentile
36.5 inches.   18th percentile 

The twins are projected to be 5 foot 8 inches, just like their daddy! 


  1. Oh, your kids are just so adorable! Your pediatrician certainly has her hands full with all three! Haha! Getting schedules adjusted could be a lot of work, but if you have three children, there should be an option of bringing them all together. Your doctor and the staff certainly knows how to deal with simultaneous visits, and that's great if they are feeling restless while waiting for their turn. Take care!

    Logan Rojas @ Focus on Kids Pediatrics

  2. I can only imagine the relief you felt after knowing they could accommodate your three boys for the visit. It’s definitely hard to suddenly change doctors, especially if you have a trusted and kind one before. I hope you’re not having any other problems with their checkups, and that Hunter’s brave enough to face your pedia next time. I wish you all the best of health!

    Candace Hudson @ MedCare