Saturday, April 19, 2014

Luke's Circus First Birthday Party

When deciding what Luke's first birthday theme would be I wanted to do something with red and turquoise. I had a ton of decor from Drake and Hunter's Dr. Seuss First birthday that I could reuse. I decided on a Carnival/Circus theme. I looked on Pinterest and looked at hash tags on Instagram. 

The one thing that really stood out to me was I definitely wanted to make a circus tent. This was what solidified that he would definitely have a Circus birthday. I went on Etsy and looked up invitations, birthday banners, high chair banners, cupcake toppers, etc. Modern Bebe is who I used for Drake and Hunter's first birthday, but her shop was on vacation. I had a really hard time finding someone that does not sell only the digital file expecting you to print all the items. I wanted to purchase it already printed and put together. I eventually found Bebops and Lemondrops on Etsy and decided to use them. They did a fantastic job. 

I used Oriental Trading and Amazon for all of the other birthday needs. I used Sharayah's Cakes for the cakes and cupcakes. She did an absolutely amazing job. I highly recommend her.

I used Cupcakes and Lollipops for their personalized shirts. The shirts were perfect! She is a great person to use for your personalized shirts for birthdays and holidays.

I had a first birthday print made for Luke from Fly on The Wall Ink. I had it printed at Walgreens.

I ordered a birthday banner from Oriental Trading that was absolutely precious! Worth the money, and not expensive!

To create the circus tent I purchased cheap plastic table cloths. Each stripe took two table cloths. One to be draped from the ceiling then tacked to the top of the wall, and a second one to be tacked at the top of the wall going to the ground. So each stripe required 4 tacks. It was not difficult, does require two people for the most part. 

Happy First Birthday to Luke!

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