Saturday, April 19, 2014

Drake & Hunter at 3 years old

How are my babies 3 years old? I have no idea where the past three years have gone, but man did they go fast.

The boys are absolutely inseparable. They rarely play independent of one another. They fight at times, but for the most part they get along. If there is an argument they normally are able to come to an agreement on their own.

Hunter absolutely loves to hoard toys. He will take toys and hide them. We get two of some toys and he will take both and play with them. Drake is typically okay with this.

Drake is more of a leader. He is also a right fighter. He does not like it when anyone breaks the rules or does not listen. He is very nurturing and loves to take care of everyone. 

Hunter does not like when Drake wants to do something different than what he wants to do. This is the cause of most of their disagreements.

Hunter has been carrying around a 12" plush Goofy for several months. This Goofy was at my moms house for years. He loved it after spending the night one night and my mom told him he could keep it. The rest is history ;) This Goofy literally does everything with us! Watches bath time, comes to dinner, goes to Mrs. Sandy's, Meme's house, the bathroom to potty, to bed every single night, to eat, etc. 

Both boys adore Luke. They are so incredibly good with him. I couldn't have imagined for them to be better big brothers. They ask about him if they can't see him, they play with him, snuggle with him, and are very loving with hugs and kisses. 

Hunter still calls applesauce "popplesauce" It does not bother me at all. I think it is precious ❤️ If you ask him what snack he wants it will always be answered with "popplesauce" because he absolutely loves them!

Drake loves fruit snacks! He has realized he can put a chair up to the counter and reach the fruit snacks in the snack basket. This has been helpful so I am not always getting them :)

The boys are still day time potty trained, but do not have dry diapers in the mornings yet.

They were asking to sleep together often.  They would try to fit on their toddler beds or decide to sleep on the floor. I had been looking at a set of bunk beds made for toddlers at Rooms to Go for a year. Brandon and I decided now was the time to go ahead and purchase these. We did not assign them which bed they would sleep in. They have been fantastic about alternating or choosing to sleep together. They are loving their big boy beds! They come out some nights after bedtime to tell us they love us again and goodnight. So it has come with some new found freedom which I did not expect. 

Hunter tells me he loves us often. Many times a day!! It is like his default, and it makes me so proud! He will just look at me and say Mommy? I love you. He will not say it until you say what to answer him saying Mommy? 

Hunter had an issue in the last month with using the restroom. We are still not completely clear what the issue actually is that is causing it. He broke out in hives one morning, with the bulk being in his underwear area. This is exactly when he started saying he had to potty, but wouldn't be able to go. We would spend a ton of time sitting on the potty. He would cry if you took him off. He was feeling the urge like he had to pee/poop, but wouldn't go. The hives and the urges seemed to coincide for several days. We had an X-ray done, and the only thing seen was a full colon. He has always pooped daily, so I was surprised by this diagnosis. So we have started using Miralax to see if this will help him be able to fully empty his colon.

They still love to watch Caillou and we watch it several times. We have a "Night-Night Caillou" before bath time every night. It is a 14 minute Caillou and they know it as part of their bedtime routine. We then take baths, brush their teeth, then pajamas and read. The boys love to read. Brandon and I read to whichever child asks is that particular night. It changes almost daily. Lastly we say our prayers and turn on their music soother. It is the same one we have been using since they were 10 weeks old. I understand they are 3, but it gives them 10 minutes of the room being lit up so they are able to settle after we leave. I doubt they truly need it now, but I wouldn't take it away from them.

They still love their "Deer Blanket" which is the blanket from their nursery bedding. They started to love this after they turned a year old. This blanket has become their thing! If they are upset at all, a Drake especially immediately asks for his blanket. Hunter has a habit of chewing on his blanket. I am not sure why he does this, but it has lessened dramatically lately. They both say you have to lay it on them on the "right side" The right side is putting the brown side towards the ceiling. 

They are loving a new show on Disney Jr. called Sheriff Callie. It is a western style cartoon and we watch it often!

They are also in a Toy Story phase! Hunt has a cowboy hat on 24/7. He is all about Woody. Drake is more into Buzz Lightyear. '

They also enjoy watching Frozen and singing the songs.

They are both left handed.

They can count to 15 and know their ABC's. They are starting to recognize letters.

Hunt is in a phase of hating baths which is really strange because he has always loved baths. He cannot stand for his hair to be wet and I have had to blow dry it several times so it dries quickly!

They started waking in the middle of the night several times saying Monsters were in their room. I finally got them to tell me that after their music player shuts off that is when the monsters come out. So, I purchased a music player that will stay on projecting on the ceiling and we called it our monster light. Since we purchased the new light they sleep all night again. I know it is just a phase, but it made for some over-tired fussy little boys.

They are still in their Graco MyRide 65 car seats and love them. They just recently displayed the ability to undo the top chest clip. We have had conversations with them about not ever doing this again. So hopefully, they don't. 

They got a new swing set for their birthday and they love it! They have loved to swing for a while, so I new this would be something that they would really love! I researched all different types of swing sets and settled on the Step 2 Adventure Lodge  Play Center with Glider from the Step 2 website. It took Brandon and I roughly 5 hours to put it together. The boys absolutely love it! More than enough room for our 3 growing boys :)

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