Thursday, May 23, 2013

Blessed 25 months with D & H ♥

I cannot put into words how blessed I feel.

I have hard days, yes. They are not nearly as often as great days.

I have 3 beautiful little boys.

The twins are growing so fast. I enjoy talking with them all day. Their vocabulary blows me away. I love that Drake has turned into a parrot! He loves to repeat and imitate anyone. Hunter, Daddy, me, etc. You never realize your habits until you see them in your child. I say okay, A LOT! This is my filler word I guess you could say. I also talk with my hands. The twins point and get so expressive with their hands. They say thank you and your welcome for EVERYTHING and it melts me. They should say please more often, so we are working on that.

They adore Luke. Drake loves to kiss him in particular, and Hunter loves to talk to him. It makes me so happy to see the love between them already.

They now sing the "I Love You" song on Barney. They know when to give the hug and when to kiss. It is the sweetest thing.

They started taking baths in "Mommy's Bath" this month. They love to be in the big bath. They spin around like fish when we are letting the water out.

Hunter crawled into Drake's crib for this first time this past week. We got a solid 2 years of them not climbing out! They had no reason to climb out since their best friend is right there. The following day Drake crawled into Hunter's crib. I found Hunter standing outside his crib crying because he wanted back in. So, I ordered the safety gear we needed to transition their cribs to toddler beds. We are keeping the sliding closet door shut, securing the tall dresser to the wall, and securing the drawers shut so they cannot empty them. These safety measures are very important to me. Especially after reading the Meghan's Hope story on Facebook. If you have children in your home, I highly recommend you read this story.

Drake loves to say "Brandon Paaaaaaaul" It absolutely cracks me up!

They are starting to understand that every noise Luke makes isin't "Luke's crying." They will now say "Luke's talking"

They love the moon! If they are outside at night they look for it everytime. They also tell it goodnight.

Drake refers to his brother as Hunter more often than bubba now, but Hunter still refers to Drake as bubba.

They are OBSESSED with carrying around DVD cases. They have Mickey Mouse and Barney ones. They call it "Barney TV" or "Mickey Mouse TV"

Hunter is STUBBORN !!!!!!!!!!!! That boy has an iron will. Lord help me. He has the sweetest smile, and knows it. He flashes that smile when he is doing something he is not supposed to be doing. He is going to be our one that gives us gray hair.

Drake loves to give kisses! Since they were infants I would say I am stealing their kisses and kiss them all over. Drake does this now. The first time he did it to me I cried!

Drake is such a mommy's boy. He wants me to be the one to put him in bed. If anything is wrong, he wants mommy. If nothing is wrong, he wants mommy. I don't mind a bit :)

He loves to get kisses when he has a bo-bo.

Both boys will spank and say "mean _________" when they hurt themselves. So, they accidentally hit the table. Spank the table and "Mean Table" is heard from both boys. It makes them get over it quickly, and if we don't see the incident we now know what happened ;)

They will tell you "It's a bug" Typically, it is not actually a bug. It is lent, or bark mulch, etc. On the rare occasions they are right, sweet baby jesus help me!! We have had a couple tree roaches in our house recently. I am DEATHLY afraid of these things. Of course, I am the only adult home when we see it and have to get it. I try to stay calm by saying oh my goodness, sweet baby jesus, etc. My parrot, aka Drake, repeats me the entire time. Which makes it slightly comical. This particular time, the darn thing ran under the washer. After trying to get it out I shut the laundry room door. Hunter layed on the ground with his mickey mouse flashlight at the bottom of the door. Of course, that awful thing came running out at my BABY! He was petrified screaming, crying, and I was doing my best to stay calm. Now, that this thing went after my baby I attacked it and disposed of it without fear! If there was a camera in my house during this ordeal, we would be millionares.

Hunter loves to throw stuff. Everything. He will walk up and just start throwing toys over his shoulder. He cannot stand for anything to be put away. He laughs and smiles the whole time he does it. Blocks on the table, throw them off. Toys in a bucket, dump them out.

They wake up and immediately ask for milk and a snack. They love the Welch's fruit snacks. This normally holds them long enough for me to make their oatmeal and put it in the freezer to cool off. They LOVE oatmeal, aka "me-meal"

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