Thursday, March 7, 2013

22 months Drake and Hunter

The boys are learning so much at this stage in their development.

This month they had ear infections, and spent a week sick this month. My mom kept them the majority of the time they were sick. I took one day off work. Hunter also caught the stomach bug that was going around. He threw up in the car :(

Hunter is still more talkative than Drake, and warms up quicker to new situations.

When the sirens go off for "testing" in Deer Park, they are terrified! Especially Drake.

They LOVE milk. We have to limit them to 2 cups because if not they have an upset stomach.

They are able to have a cup of juice again. So, they have juice on occasion now.

This month they have not been napping as well as they always have. In the past they were like 2 hour alarm clocks, this month has been anywhere from 1 to 2 hours.

Since recieving a video monitor I can also see in their nursery at night. I was able to see that there are nights that they toss and turn.

The video monitor is amazing! Seeing them interact at bedtime without being in the room is priceless.

Hunter had a cough this month, and I would ask him "Are you ok?" after he coughed. Drake picked it up and now asks "You ok?" when someone coughs. Hearing this over the monitor, "Bubba, you ok?" absolutely melted me!!!

They are still eating great and not very picky. Hunter still struggles with cold foods. As long as he does not bite it, it does not seem to hurt. The issue is convincing him to try something once he realizes it is cold.

They love snacks and say "I want a snack" often. Drake especially loved Captain Crunch cereal. Hearing them say cereal is more like "cerio"

They will tell you when something is "a mess"

Hunter started saying "Oh man!" and it is too funny!

They tell us night night love you every night.

They absolutely love it at Sandy's. They are so happy when I pick them up. They don't cry when I leave them. It makes this momma happy! We are blessed to have her in our lives as not only a caretaker for our boys, but as a great friend!

They watch Caillou, Barney, and Mickey Mouse often. They will watch Sprout in general, but these are their favorite shows.

We transitioned them this month from being in Luke's nursery so often. We realized this could be an issue once he arrives, so they are not in his room as often now.

Drake started telling us when he poops this month. He will tell Brandon or I immediately. So, now we are working on telling us before ;)

These boys love to take their clothes off. They will tell you "off" and pull at their clothes.

They are definitely both left handed.

Both boys still love books, and play with them daily.

They love bath time and play with their ducks. They started playing with cups this month and love to pour the water out. Hunter may have poured it outside the bath a couple times ...

Drake is SUCH a momma's boy.

Hunter now calls me mommy.

Their manners absolutely melt me! I love that they say thank you to everything! After a diaper change, for giving them a sippy cup, anything!

They love to take things to the trash!

Drake is obsessed with doors. He is finally able to reach the handle, but has not mastered turning it. So, we let him close them for us often.

Drake is so my personality! He will tell you no in a heartbeat, and you better listen! If you don't, he will pop you. Seriously. He is my "right" fighter. You better follow the rules, or he will make it known you did not!

Hunter says No-No often, and I love the way he says it!! It completely melts my heart. Probably going to regret that ;)

The size 5 Pampers are getting a little snug on Drake.

They are in 18 month clothes for the most part!

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