Saturday, April 9, 2011

From the mind of a 4 year old ♥

My youngest niece, Grace Audrey, is 4 years old. She has the most amazing view of the world. 

Crystal, Libby, and Grace came to visit me in the hospital last weekend. The girls hear us say that there are two babies in my belly all the time, but we do not know how much they grasp the concept.

The girls are rubbing my belly and talking to the boys. They are pushing their bellies out acting like they have babies in their bellies.

This is the conversation that we had:

Libby: how did the boys got into your belly?
Me: when you are married God gives you a baby when you decide you want one.
Grace: how are they going to get the babies out?
Crystal: they are going to cut them out.
Grace: is it going to hurt?
Me: No, it will not hurt me at all.
Grace: OH ... so they are going to use a butter knife.

I CANNOT HOLD IN THE LAUGHTER AT THIS POINT! She knows that a butter knife is safe, it does not hurt. So, in her mind of course that is what they would use if it is not going to hurt me.

Grace: They don't have beds in there do they?
Me: No, they don't have beds but they are comfortable.
Crystal: You know there will be 2 little babies coming out of that belly that are EXACTLY alike.
Libby: Ya, like the same eyes.
Me: That is right Libby.
Grace: Ya and the same socks!!         

I don't think she quite gets it ;) Sweet girl!

PRICELESS moments with my nieces ♥

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