Thursday, April 7, 2011

32 Weeks & Counting ...

We made it to 32 weeks! YAY! :)

On Monday they checked my cervix, and it was measuring around 2.6 cm. They are very happy with the length.

On Wednesday I went to "Tea-Timers." It is an hour of time spent with the other women on bedrest! I LOVE IT! :) This week we learned how to knit a newborn hat! I completed one & plan on doing another.

I have become close with another twin mommy here on bedrest, Laura. She has "MoMo" twin girls. This means her girls are identical, in the same sac and same placenta. It is the most high risk twin pregnancy after conjoined. Mine are "MoDi" the next highest risk after "MoMo." Mine have their own sac, same placenta. We speak a lot throughout the day on the phone and keep each other sane :) We can complain about the same nurses, and share our good news when we have it! It is nice to share the experience with someone! I look forward to playdates with our kiddos!

Today, they measured the boys! Dr. Adam is my specialist that takes the growth measurements. I was telling her about the right baby being so active and the left baby putting me in less pain. She told me I have such a great attitude and perspective on things. :) She said she hears a lot of complaining, and it is nice to have someone with such an awesome attitude. This made my night!

Baby A went from 3 lbs 14 oz to 4 lbs 10 oz, gaining 12 oz. He is in the 49th percentile.

Baby B went from 3 lbs 5 oz to 4 lbs 3 oz, gaining 14 oz. He is in the 39th percentile.

I guess since I teach math it is difficult for me to hear percentiles less than 50. I feel like I am being greedy because I know the boys are doing great.

I felt hiccups for the first time this week! :) I was SO excited!!! Right baby is the one I can feel them with and he is the bigger baby. He gets them throughout the day and EVERY NIGHT around midnight.

We have picked a delivery date! We are shooting for Friday May 6th!!! Four weeks to go! 28 days!! YAY! I will be 36 weeks 5 days! My specialist only lets Identicals go to 36 weeks. Statistically, white boys tend to do the worst, so I am hoping the extra 5 days will make for minimal NICU time.

I will have another growth ultrasound in 10 days!


  1. So excited and worried for you. Do NOT let the numbers mess with your head, Every time Lila to th Dr the tell her she is only like 60 percentile for her age. I want to tear their hair out. She is perfect, just like her cousins !

  2. I agree! Did you know we just found out Libby is the 5th, yes FIFTH, percentile for height! HAHA! She is going to be pint size like my mom ;)

  3. Ashley- I say a little prayer for you guys every night. our son spent 12 days in the NICU and those were the most stressful days in my life. I hope Drake & Hunter continue to do well and don't need much time in the NICU. But if they need to be there for a while just know they're in good hands. One of the moms we met while we were in Austin told us the best advice we could hear: "Take one day at a time." We were so busy worrying about Auggie's future it was stressing us out even more. It looks like you & Brandon have a great support system and I hope everyone continues to support y'all. Hope these next few weeks go well for you and your growing family