Wednesday, January 29, 2014

My blessed evening ❤️

There are times that such sweet things occur between my children that I think no one is going to believe me. 

Tonight was one of those nights. 

The twins came home from Meme and Pawpaw's in a very talkative mood. Hunter saw bananas on the counter while Drake was going to the bathroom with Brandon. He managed to eat nearly the whole thing before Drake came back into the living room. Drake asked for one since he saw the last of Hunter's. He immediately told Hunter he would share without being asked by Hunter. He would take a bite, give Hunt a bite, take a bite, have me pull down the peel, etc. The whole time telling me "I'm sharing with Hunt momma" "I'm sharing because he's my bestfriend" Hunter was so ecstatic he was telling us "Drake share with me momma" "We sharing!" 

After bath time Brandon and I were dressing the boys, I noticed Drake has some red dots sporadically on his body. I told Brandon I may need to schedule an appointment with Dr. Amy. Immediately Hunt starts saying he is not going to the doctor. Drake explains he is going to the doctor and he likes Dr. Amy. He talks about the fish at the doctors office and getting shots. For the record, they hate going to the doctor. So I was surprised by Drake's response. Both boys explain that Drake is going to go to the doctor with mommy and Hunter is going to stay home with daddy. In the moment I was surprised at their willingness to be apart! Lately they have been willing to have different shirts on at times, different snacks, different toys, and  these things have never occurred before.

This quickly changed. Hunter went into full on panic mode when he realized Drake was saying he was going to "stay with Dr. Amy" He was begging Drake to stay with him. Drake was saying he was going in a little bit to see her and Hunt would say "no you go tomorrow!" Hunt kept saying Drake needed to "stay with me!" We could not get Hunt to calm down. He wanted Drake to say he was not leaving him tonight. Finally Drake tells him "I stay with you Hunt because you're my best friend" Then they exchanged several hugs and kisses. They would get in bed and then give each other more hugs! We said our nightly prayers, and I cried.

This. Is. My. Real. Life. 

I look at Brandon and we are both melted. I was in tears. In these moments I look at them and thank God. I thank him for all the amazing people that are in my boys' life. I watch as my boys grow and think there is no better reflection of myself than looking at my boys. Watching their kindness with each other and their love for one another is a sight to see. 

There are days I need more patience. I need to put away laundry. I need to mop. I need to dust. I need to put the Christmas decor in tubs. In moments like tonight, I realize I am absolutely making the right choice when I snuggle them instead of finish cleaning the kitchen because they come up saying "I want to hold you!" 

Before I know it these boys won't want to snuggle, give special kisses, and hold their mommy. So for now, I'm going to embrace these moments and write when the moments are just so sweet I never want to forget ❤️

As I write this and look at the monitor I see they decided to sleep together in Hunter's bed! My precious boys ❤️

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