Sunday, December 9, 2012

The Story of Us {my sophomore & junior year} ♥

Brandon and I met in 2002 when I was a freshman in high school, and he was a sophomore.

Spring of my freshman year I was dating Brandon's best friend at the time. Brandon would bring him to my house since he could drive and we were not old enough to yet.

We broke up that summer, but Brandon and I stayed friends. We became very close my sophomore year. He was one of my best friends. We said I love you every time we got off the phone. I became part of his group of friends. He would pick me up for school when I needed him to.

Throughout my sophomore year I dated several guys. Brandon never said anything about it. Our group of friends constantly made comments about how cute/perfect we would be together. I was NOT willing to make that change in our friendship. He was someone I trusted with everything. There was nothing I could not talk to Brandon about. I explained to him I was scared if it ever ended we would be giving up a friendship. He said he understood.

We ate lunch together every day. We spent most of our weekends together. Whether we would go to the mall and dress each other up in stupid outfits, or hang out at his house. Ryan was normally with us, so it never seemed like a "couple"

At one point, I told Brandon I could see myself marrying him, I just could not date him.

In December of my sophomore year the guy I was dating was in musical with Brandon. He bragged about cheating on me to Brandon. Brandon immediately let me know. Needless to say, we broke up. 

In February, I dated a different guy. I had already made plans to spend Valentine's Day with Brandon. I ended up standing Brandon up to spend it with the guy I was dating.

In March, Brandon and I started dating. I told him we could try, but he had to swear we would still be friends if it did not work out. We dated not even 3 weeks, and I told him I thought it was awkward. We broke up, but still stayed close friends.

In May, my best girl friend, Sharlene, and I went to Brandon's to swim one evening. For some reason, Brandon was different to me this night. I can remember every detail of the evening and realizing my feelings for him. We made plans to go to the beach the next day. When I went home with Sharlene that night I told her how I felt. We talked about it all night and decided I had to tell Brandon. The issue was I had a boyfriend. So, I called him that same night and broke up with him. After that phone call, I called Brandon and explained my feelings. It went really well, and he was happy!

The next day Brandon, myself, Sharlene, and her boyfriend went to the beach. By the time we came home from Galveston Brandon and I were dating. This was on May 26, 2003.

We dated the rest of the summer and the following school year. We spent nearly every day that summer together. We went on a trip with our group of friends to the Frio River for a week. He was a Watch Dog for the cheerleaders his Senior year. I was a head cheerleader on the squad.

We went to homecoming together. I took him to Cheer Banquet. He took me to his prom. We had a blast his senior year while I was a junior.

Our songs were ...

My Best Friend by Tim McGraw picked by Brandon
Watch This by Clay Walker picked by me.

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