Tuesday, June 26, 2012

14 Months ♥

They are growing faster than ever before, and they are learning quickly.

They say momma, dada, nana, meme, papa, pop, ball, outside, baba, bubba, bird, bye-bye, hi.

Drake loves to point to anything and everything! Hunter also points, but not as often!

You can tell them we are going bye-bye and they wave and go stand at the door. If you tell them you are going outside, they will wait at the door for you.

They are my dancing babies! They love music.

Hunter is getting his molars in! Two have broke the skin this week, and they are swollen waiting for more. This brings him to 10 teeth.

Drake FINALLY got another tooth and has 7 ! 

They love to blow kisses to anyone!

Brandon has taught them about the deer and duck in their room. If you ask where the deer is they will take you to their room and point! It is precious!

We moved their cribs to the lowest setting this month! 

We taught them their nose, eyes, ears, and bellybutton this month. If you ask where their nose is they will make the "stinky" face and breathe in and out quickly to make the noise! Hunter is all about his bellybutton! He will lift his shirt to show it to you! They will bat their eyelashes to show you their eyes! 

They absolutely love to open and close doors. I was able to get the Laugh and Learn house from a friend and they love this toy! They constantly hit the buttons that play music and crawl through the door!

We are in size 4 diapers! 

We are still on Lactaid milk, but hoping to transition to whole milk this month.

They have a bottle when they wake up and a bottle before bed. I have tried putting their milk in a sippy cup, and they want nothing to do with it. This week they are doing a little better. So, by next month I hope to be bottle free :)

Hunter is my good eater! He will clean his plate, and quickly! 

They understand so much now, it blows my mind! They are enjoying stacking blocks now. They play with their cars a lot more and make the car noises. 

If you ask them if they are ready to eat, they take off to their high chairs!

If you ask who needs a diaper, they will go to the changing table!

If you ask if they want a Mum-Mum, they go to the kitchen!

Hunter seems to be much more stubborn than Drake. He gets his hand popped quite a few times. 

They wear size 12 months clothing! 

Drake is a size 4 in shoes and Hunter is outgrowing his size 3 shoes.

Their stranger danger is dramatically better! They have walked up to a couple strangers while on vacation and put their arms up to be held. They wave to everyone at a restaurant and love to people watch.

Hunter has been giving us quite the scare this month health wise. He had his first trip to the ER. 

Hunter is becoming more and more of a momma's boy and I love it! 

I am on summer break and it has been amazing!

Drake loves to share! He always gives toys to Hunter. It is precious. He also shares his food! 

They slept in until 10 the entire week we got back from vacation! I was in heaven ;)

I spend my days laying on the floor with cartoons on. We play all day, everyday. They will come to lay on me, and it melts my heart. They only enjoy cartoons that have singing or music. Their attention span for television has gone up dramatically this month. They will watch for 10 to 15 minutes. They LOVE Barney. I was a Barney lover as a child :)

They love to give kisses. The unprompted kisses are always the best. They kiss each other often and it is an amazing thing to see.

They went to my LPJ Cheer camp one day this week, and did great! It was neat to see them around something that I loved for so many years. They ran between the girls, played with their balls, and made everyone fall in love with them ;) 

Hunter at Cheer Camp

Drake at Cheer Camp

My sweet boys getting ready for a bath!


  1. Your boys are adorable! I saw you'd joined my site www.handsandheartsmorethanfull.blogspot.com and came to check out your blog. I love e-meeting other twin parents! Are you only able to tell them apart by the booty birth mark? I confuse our fraternal twins all the TIME so snaps to you! :)

    love love

  2. I can tell them apart easily, thank goodness! To others they look identical, to me they look related! lol I think they look different :)

    I love meeting other twin mommas too!! We are a special group !!