Tuesday, March 22, 2011

♥ Nursery & Baby Showers

It has been entirely too long since I updated this blog! Hopefully, I will get better about it, and become as good as Jackie is about her blog! ;)

Since I last updated we found out the twins are Identical BOYS on November 29, 2010! We are naming them Drake and Hunter. We are still slightly debating on middle names. Hunter Paul Olive is definitely his name. Drake is the name we have not chosen yet. Drake Brandon Olive & Drake Arthur Olive are the two we are deciding on. If we go with Arthur, both boys will have their grandfather's name as their middle name. If we go with Brandon, both boys will be named after their daddy. So, we will see :)

When I found out it was boys I knew immediately what crib bedding I wanted! It is the only boy bedding that fit our style, and I LOVE it. Finding the perfect furniture took a little longer than expected. I was SHOCKED at the price of nursery furniture! I stumbled across the Graco Stanton set at walmart.com & fell in love! It has the Espresso finish that I like, and it was very reasonable! Brandon's family bought all of the furniture for us for christmas. My parents bought the boys' bedding for us for christmas. We are so blessed to have such supportive families! Pam, Lacey, and Nanny painted the boys nursery for us! We decided to paint the bottom of the room chocolate brown, then have a white chair rail. The room was already cream color, so we left the top that color. It turned out perfect, and cutting that chair rail was quite interesting ;)

I had a baby shower at work, and it was amazing! I am so blessed to work with the people I do. They are supportive, loving, and genuine. I love my co-workers, and I love my kiddos. How many people can say that about their job?? I was given many sweet gifts to start filling the nursery with :)

My next shower was thrown by Lacey, Theresa, Linda, Kaitlyn, and Kylie. It was beautiful! Our bedding set was being discontinued, and it was no longer carried at Babies~R~Us. So, I could not register for all of the neat stuff that goes with their bedding. Lacey decided to order it all, and use it as decorations for the "Deer" themed baby shower! It turned out adorable! Pam made the cake, and it was absolutely precious! Pop drew the deer from our bedding, and she used that to put it on the cake! The food, decorations, gifts, everything was amazing. We recieved more gifts than we could have ever dreamt of recieving. We are truly blessed!

The last shower was thrown  by Crystal, Cirby, Brooke R. and Lindsey. The theme was "Two Peas in a Pod" along with "We Olive Twins" When Brandon and I were in high school we would try to guess if the other said "I Love You" or "Olive You" So, "We All Love Twins" was perfect! It turned out adorable. There were so many creative ideas put into the shower. The cake was made by one of Crystal's friends, and WOW it was perfect. Again, we recieved so many sweet gifts that we were shocked.

Left frame: Boys Initials
Next frame: Collage of pregnancy photos and ultrasounds.
Next Frame: "We Olive Twins" spelled out in toys. Crystal and a family friend, Sandy, came up with this idea, and it is precious!
Last Frame: My silhouette at 23 weeks pregnant.

I was overwhelmed by the amount of gifts we recieved that were personalized, and took so much time. We got blankets, burp cloths, and towels that had the boys names, initials, or last name. It was incredible! I absolutely love personalized items, so it made me cry!

Brandon had a diaper shower with family and friends. The guys grilled and played poker. He recieved so many diapers and wipes. We certainly will not be buying diapers for a couple of months! Thank goodness :)

Between the three showers, Brandon and I will not need to get much for our boys. It was such a blessing, and we want to thank everyone for coming and being so supportive.

Drake & Hunter are blessed little boys! We cannot wait for everyone to meet them!

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